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Is this project a fork from jforum.net? RSS feed
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Joined: 2012/10/21
Messages: 2
I recently installed JForum 2.1.9 from jforum.net, then I found out about this project (http://code.google.com/p/jforum2/).

Am I right to assume this is a fork from the JForum 2.1.x codebase?

Another question: searching the project history, it seems it was branched from JForum 2.1.8. I wonder if it also includes the 2.1.9 changes (mentioned in the release notes as "some important fixes").

And finally, how should I go about upgrading from 2.1.9? First upgrading to 2.2.0 and following the release sequence, or can I just upgrade directly to the last release (2.3.4)?

Joined: 2011/6/30
Messages: 251
The history is as follows:
jforum.net: v2.1.8->([v2.1.9])->v2.1.9

Originally Rafael didn't want to have a v2.1.9 release of JForum. He wanted to focus the developing efforts into JForum3. However, there were still some security bugs in v2.1.8. So I started jforum2 project and added my patches privately on my site. The jforum2 project is branched from the v2.1.8 codebase, and fixes many bugs reported on the jforum.net community. I called my work as ([v2.1.9]) then gave it back to Rafael and then released by jforum.net(Rafael did some changes on the template images). Rafael then keeps focusing on JForum 3 till now.

One day, my site(www.andowson.com)'s server was broken. And I decided to use googlecode as a new hosting for jforum2 code. JForum 2.1.x supports Java 1.4 and I decided to require Java 5 in the future release of JForum2. So the release version just started from v2.2.0 to have a distinguish.

To sum up, JForum v2.2.0 includes the bug fix in v2.1.9 (except the template images change).

If you want to upgrade from v2.1.9 to v2.3.4. You can just upgrade to the latest version v2.3.4 and then apply the database patch from v2.2.0 and v2.3.2. And do reindex you lucene from the Admin control panel.

Joined: 2012/10/21
Messages: 2
That's very informative. Interesting to know that the history of the 2.1.9 was the other way around than I first thought.

Thank you for maintaining this project. I wish there was a link to it from jforum.net's home page and git repo so I would have installed it right away.

Joined: 2014/2/22
Messages: 9
Wow, was I glad to see that jforum is still alive smilie

I took the original 2.1.8 from Rafael site back in 2008/9 and startet to change the code and functionality some places. It was mainly about security since I use the forum for semi military purposes. I run the forum on a server in my own house behind a firewall and a apache proxy. I have Ubuntu server running virtualbox. The app runs in Tomcat. All behind SSL of course smilie

I removed the self registration, the lost password page, upped the password criteria, and lots of other changes. Mostly small changes. The only way to register is by an invitation by admin.

I was looking forward to maybe upgrade to Jforum 3 some time but then I relized that Rafael stopped the development over two years ago.
Stumbling upon Jforum 2.3.5 today I am looking forward to maybe do some upgrading after all smilie Nice suprise to find you guys here doing things with the old thing smilie

Do I am afraid my changes will get lost one by one when upgrading.

Since I have the original 2.1.8 installed can I just upgrade with yours step by step for each version U think?

I am creating a clone of the virtualbox and look forword to do some upgrading.


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