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JForum 2.8.3 is out with various fixes and improvements. Read all about it here

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Joined: 2011/6/30
Messages: 251
The JForum2 Project is proud to announce the release of version 2.3.4 of JForum. This release includes bug fixes and new features compared to version 2.3.3 including:
* Update to bsh 2.0b5
* Update to Commons Codec 1.6
* Update to Commons IO 2.2
* Update to Ehcache Core 2.4.7
* Update to FreeMarker 2.3.19
* Update to HSQLDB 2.2.8
* Update to HTML Parser 2.1
* Update to JBossCache Core 3.2.7.GA
* Update to JBoss Common Core 2.2.19.GA
* Update to JBoss Logging SPI 2.1.2.GA
* Update to JDOM 2.0.2
* Update to JGroups 2.12.3.Final
* Update to Log4J 1.2.17
* Update to Lucene 3.6.0
* Update to JavaMail 1.4.5
* Update to MySQL Connector/J JDBC Driver 5.1.20
* Update to PostgreSQL JDBC Driver 9.1-901.jdbc3
* Update to Quartz 2.1.5
* Update to SLF4J-API 1.6.6
* Update to SLF4J-Log4j12 1.6.6
* Update to MS SQL Server JDBC Driver 4.0
* Update to jQuery 1.7.2
* Fix Issue 2: code-tag parsing breaks regular expressions (assumes fixed set of groups)
* Fix Issue 3: cleanup of style.css wrt table formatting
* Fix Issue 4: moderation/admin controls not shown for locked topics / cannot unlock thread
* Fix Issue 5: try harder to use browser language, don't give up after the first locale
* Fix Issue 6: hsqldb's Topic selectByUserByLimit uses wrong order of arguments
* Fix Issue 7: checkemail javascript doesn't allow "+" in email-address (common with gmail users)
* Fix Issue 8: hsqldb supports AutoKeys
* Fix Issue 9: order of search keywords has impact on results, one order returns results, the other doesn't
* Fix Issue 10: some agreement texts not in UTF-8 encoding
* Fix Issue 11: Exception thrown and shown in Browser if attachment without desription is attached
* Fix Issue 14: Invalid Oracle DB Update Script to modify default of jforum_topics table topic_views column
* Fix Issue 15: Invalid Query for Oracle DB with LIMIT statement to select TopDownloads
* Fix Issue 16: German i18n text missing
* Fix Issue 17: Admin/Set-up - changes are not saved, cannot configure Jforum!
* Fix Issue 21: SQL Error in "Top Downloads" page when using SQL Server
* Fix Issue 23: NullPointerException is thrown at net.jforum.repository.RankingRepository line 126 while iterating list
* Fix Issue 25: Stack Overflow Error at GenericBanlistDAO.java:126
* Fix Issue 26: RESTAuthenticationTestCase fails on oracle
* Fix Issue 27: SummaryTest.testListPosts() fail when jforum is freshly installed
* Fix Issue 28: the junit test SummaryTest depends on google's smtp serve
* Fix Issue 29: SummaryDAO seems not working on Oracle. It tries to read a blob as a String which results a NullPointerException
* Fix Issue 31: JForum doesn't start after manual installation with oracle database.
* Fix Issue 32: LuceneSearchTestCase fails
* Fix Issue 36: About Fetch mail

You can download the latest war file from the following URL, then deploy it to your Tomcat's webapps directory:
If your Tomcat doesn't unpack the war file automatically, you'll need to unpack it manually, then restart your Tomcat.
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